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For half a decade Elite Academy has been operating in the fields of entertainment education that comprises of training in the Modeling, Music and film nitch. We have training for aspiring models who wish to launch a career in commercial modeling and competition/pageant modeling, we also tutor training for aspiring musicians and singers with courses such as; How to become a DIY singer, Music business, two weeks to launch your music career blueprint. We also deliver training in Films such as; Become successful in Hollywood, acting masterclass, become a successful filmmaker. We also organize professional training such as; become a blogger, How to become a social media influencer, make more money by building a strong personal brand, etc. The worldwide entertainment market is expected to reach $771 billion by 2019, up from $632 billion in 2015, this stats shows clearly why it is important to train more people in specialties encompassed in showbiz. Jump in one of our training and make a career in the entertainment industry.


Why should you sign up

Get trained to take part in top modeling/beauty competitions local & International

Get trained as a commercial-model and secure ads jobs on TV, magazine cover, Music video, Product endorsement, and as companies spoke person.

Get trained as a Greed girl & be use as activator of the biggest brands & products


Become a Catwalk model
Become a Commercial model


Why should you sign up
  • Learn how to become a successful Filmmaker & get your first film made.
  • Learn how to become successful in Hollywood & grow your movie business
  • Learn from Hollywood expert how to create a successful film industry
  • Get into the TV Business and make money with unscripted TV



Why should you sign up
  • You learn how to become a successful independent Artist
  • You learn how to create an Empire with your music
  • You learn the science of successful talent management
  • We help you become a celebrity in just 4 weeks.


Why should you sign up

Once you're sure that you can comfortably survive exclusively on your blogging income, then (and only then!) consider kicking your 9-5 job to the curb, and become a professional blogger. Also, before taking this very significant step in your life, be sure to take some time to create a clear road map and business plan


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