Dare Sweet Release a Diss song “Lifestyle” talking about Davido’ Chioma, Gold Diggers around the Nigeria music business and flashy lifestyle of untalented Nigerian artists

  • May 26, 2018
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Lifestyle is the title of a single by Dare Sweet , released under the supervision of Mans Records’ boss Chrislan Maneng’s. The Song was released on the 11th of May 2018 and has already started making some waves. This is in big part because of the bold step taken by the singer to diss one of Africa’s biggest music celebrity Dbanj AKA the Kokomaster.
The song on itself is a banger , well structured, well written lyric, good delivery, good melody and above all unbelievable punchlines by Dare Sweet who is a Nigerian born artist raised in Sweden.

Dare Sweet is a Nigerian artist who has been in the music scene for more than a decade, he released his debut single in 2011 with title “You Rock Me Bad” a single produced and released in Sweden By Trezo. Dare Sweet has been raised in Sweden and is a holder of an International Baccalaureate and an ex-student of Linear university Sweden. Since his debut release in 2011, the “creative genius” (as he is called in Sweden) released many singles, EP ’s, and has held hostage many European stages, but his dream of being recognized and appreciated by his home nation is a defy that saddens him and one he hopes to clinch very soon. Dare Sweet Is now signed to Mans Records and allegedly said he is ready to claim prince-ship of the Nigerian music scene.

The indiscretion is around Dare Sweet latest upcoming single whose lyric and storylines leaves everyone stunned . Lifestyle talks about a young passionate singer/songwriter who found it hard to fit in the Nigerian music scene with a very modest lifestyle. It was already hard that industry players didn’t accept him, things became harder when this young artist discovered that most beautiful girls who hang around the industry players aren’t there to hangout with visionaries and talented minds, there are there to get the most famous, successful and bankable artists, even if those artists are crazy untalented people, says the lyric. In this single, Dare Sweet mention that girls around the industry don’t even care about the real talent, all they care about is money , fame and big coco mansions even if the owner of that mansion is a crazy guy who can’t sing. To us this particular lines seems to be directed to our very own Mr. Dbanj, we wonder what the ex of movie star Genevieve Nnaji is going to say once he listen to this song.

It is hard not to link the characters on the song to Dare Sweet and Dbanj, it seems to us that the young singer must had seen his girl leaving him for the KOKO MASTER. An interesting punchline on the song is when Dare Sweet addresses the “gold digger” saying : “ I’m not your lover man cuz I no dey craze o eh , If you no fit love me con dey carry your crase, Con dey carry your wahala dey go, Con dey carry your crase dey go”. We wonder who that “Craze” is, but we guess time will give us answers. We say good luck to Dare Sweet on his upcoming release. Lifestyle by Dare Sweet is coming out May 11 2018 .

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Get the song here – https://daresweet.fanlink.to/lifestyle

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