The communication and branding expert Chrislan Manengs hosts the opportunity workshop entitled: Raise Influence-Gain Financial freedom

  • May 6, 2018
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Are you an entrepreneur who wants to kickstart his or her business without borrowing from banks? Are you a job seeker? Are you tired of working for other people? Are you a student who needs an extra income? Are you an established entrepreneur who needs to raise his or her status? Do you want to hang out with like-minded people? Well, you should definitely attend this After Work.

On Agenda:
– Hang out with entrepreneurs, meet friends in a cozy, happy and professionally relaxed environment.
– Attend a free opportunity seminar that will change your professional future.
– No fee to attend
– Snacks and drinks are free

A few words from Chrislan

Why you should attend: I will help you know your worth and become a manager in 4 months.

Who Should Attend:

Entrepreneurs: who want to grow their business to next level. I will help you use marketing institutions to fuel your business more efficiently. No need again to borrow huge sums of money from banks and be bound all your first 5 years paying back, my new technique will have you covered.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs: If you are looking to start your business and be called a manager in 4 months, managing a team of about 50 people, creating employment for folks like you without having to borrow money from the banks for a startup investment then come let me show you how.

Job Seekers: Are you a job seeker searching for a job and you feel that things are not coming together for you? Or that your potential employer doesn’t seem to want to put your real talent to service? Well, don’t waste your time working for people, know your worth and start building your empire. I, the personal branding expert will show you how.

Students: Did you just move here to study but you need a job that can permit you to stabilize your income and help you be financially free while studying? The first step is to know that you got what it takes to make yourself whatever you wanna be, I will help you get there.

Immigrants: it is hard for an immigrant to find a decent job right after arriving in a country where the language and culture are different. The good news is that you can do it. But for that you need to work on yourself, your image, and make yourself a respected authority, I can help you obtain that in 4 months.

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